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Innovative HR Solutions, LLC

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Survey Products

Innovative HR Solutions. LLC is dedicated to providing the highest quality Internet-based employee survey for both current and departing employees. Our key products include: 

  • A Comprehensive Survey to gather detailed information with respect to employee satisfaction and engagement
  • A Check-Up Survey that targets a specific topic or provides a quick overview of employee satisfaction
  • A Pulse Survey designed to provide a quick snapshot of employee satisfaction over shorter periods of time
  • A New Hire Survey to measure satisfaction with the on-boarding process by targeting employees with 30 to 90 days tenure
  • An Exit Interview Questionnaire to collect and analyze the reasons behind employee turnover

Here is what we offer our clients:

  • Third party survey administration to ensure employee confidentiality and anonymity
  • A team of professionals with a wealth of HR experience to walk you through the complete employee survey process
  • An employee survey product customized with your input and designed for your business
  • Survey reports offering policy options, best practices and program alternatives
  • Comparative data to allow benchmarking based upon industry and region
  • Feedback sessions to explain and interpret the survey results
  • Superior customer service
  • Quick turnaround time of employee survey results
  • Surveys are available in a variety of foreign languages

As a partner with your business, we will make you successful in the management of your most important asset - your employees.

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