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Exit Interview Questionnaire

The Exit Interview Questionnaire provides you with critical information about the climate within your organization and the attitude of departing employees towards the organization. The exit interview also allows for your departing employees to offer suggestions for making your company a better place to work. Typical reasons why companies conduct exit interviews include:

  • To learn and analyze why employees are leaving
  • To take corrective action to reduce turnover
  • To improve company performance and employee productivity
  • To improve employee satisfaction

The Exit Interview Questionnaire includes the following features:

  • Demographics that are unique to your company
  • Exit interview questions developed by Innovative HR Solutions
  • Customized questions tailored to your organization
  • Up to 4 pre-set and/or open-ended employee comments
  • Quarterly reporting of results based upon your demographic selections
  • An annual summary consolidating the results
  • Surveys are also available in a variety of languages to accommodate your diverse departing work-force
  • Paper and pencil questionnaires are also available to encourage participation from employees without web access
  • On-line access to view the progress of the responses

Innovative HR Solutions' Exit Interview Questionnaire is designed to help management examine a wide range of organizational issues quickly and efficiently. A one-year contract is required.

Click here to view an on-line sample of the Exit Interview Questionnaire

View the Exit Interview Questionnaire Product One Sheet (PDF).