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Comprehensive Survey

The Comprehensive Survey provides a detailed analysis of your employees' satisfaction level, engagement and attitude towards the organization.  Our clients have found that employees not only have questions, but they have answers as well.

Top-performing organizations understand that employee satisfaction and engagement with the business are the key drivers of business success. Research by progressive survey providers shows that satisfied and engaged employees are productive and customer focused. As a result, organizations where there are high levels of satisfaction and engagement are more likely to be financially successful.

Incorporating satisfaction, engagement and importance through our extensive normative-based statements allows us to create overall satisfaction, engagement and importance ratings to evaluate company performance at both the module and statement level. Utilizing this three tier approach allows companies to better measure employee and company performance. Increasing employee satisfaction and engagement for our clients directly correlates to a work environment where businesses are more successful and where Human Resource metrics directly relate to sustainable business outcomes.

Typical reasons why companies conduct a Comprehensive Employee Survey include:

  • Identify employee relations issues confidentially and anonymously
  • Independently evaluate your management teams' strengths and weaknesses
  • Align your compensation and benefit programs with your employee needs
  • Identify organization-wide issues and solicit ideas for corrective action
  • Gather objective data from which management may develop a meaningful dialogue
  • Establish benchmark data to evaluate employee engagement and improvements for the future
  • Reduce turnover
  • Solicit employees' involvement in the process of change
  • Improve productivity, quality and customer service through the development of action plans

Working with our clients, we will design a survey instrument based upon your organization's specific needs and interests. The key features of the Comprehensive Employee Survey are:

  • Demographics that are unique to your company and defined by you
  • Twelve unique modules each emphasizing an HR functional area (for example: benefits, compensation, training)
  • A bank of over 275 statements developed by Innovative HR Solutions from which normative data can be extracted
  • The ability to customize or add any module or question
  • Up to 8 pre-set and/or open-ended employee comments
  • On-line access for the survey coordinators to view the progress of the responses
  • Timely reporting of results
  • Surveys are also available in a variety of languages to accommodate your diverse work-force
  • Paper and pencil surveys are also available to encourage participation from employees without web access

Use the anonymous employee survey process to discover what your employees are thinking.

Click here to view an on-line sample of the Comprehensive Employee Survey.

View the Comprehensive Survey Product One Sheet (PDF).