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Report Examples

Innovative HR Solutions is a leader in the administration and analysis of employee surveys. We guarantee a survey report will be presented to your company within ten to fifteen business days following the completion of the survey data entry. A typical employee survey report contains the following sections: 

  • Abstract

    An executive summary of the most important findings of the survey including areas of accomplishment and suggestions for immediate action.
  • Introduction and Project Methodology

    A review of the selected features along with the purpose and key terms and definitions.
  • Survey Data Analysis

    An easy to understand analysis of the results in a narrative format.  It is tailored to the Human Resources professional.
  • Recommended Human Resource Practices

    This section identifies the challenges facing your organization.  An assessment strategy and action plan are provided to assist you in taking corrective action.
  • Tables and Graphs of All Key Data

    The response to each survey question will be presented in tabular form.  Comparisons between demographics and key HR functional areas will be presented in graphs.  These graphics provide a clear visual representation of  where your company excels and opportunities for improvement.
  • Employee Comments

    This section gives your employees the opportunity to address concerns not covered in the survey questions.  These comments will be provided in their complete and unedited form.

The results are provided in both paper format and electronically on a USB Flash drive.


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