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Check-Up Survey

The Check-Up Survey is a targeted employee survey. This survey provides a quick snapshot of your employee's satisfaction level and attitude towards the organization. This product is very cost effective and can be typically launched within 5 days of the engagement. Typical reasons why companies conduct a Check-Up Survey include:

  • To assess employee attitudes following a merger or acquisition
  • To determine the company's success in reducing turnover
  • To evaluate employee satisfaction following the completion of a total compensation project
  • To better align the benefit plans with employee needs

The key features of the Check-Up Survey are:

  • Quick set-up and easy administration
  • Cost effective for the budget conscious executive
  • Demographics that are unique to your company
  • Up to 12 statements that focus on any area you wish to survey
  • Normative data when you utilize our statements
  • Up to 5 pre-set and/or open-ended employee comments
  • On-line access for the survey coordinators to view the progress of the responses
  • Timely reporting of results
  • Surveys are also available in a variety of languages to accommodate your diverse work-force
  • Paper and pencil surveys are also available to encourage participation from employees without web access

The Check-Up Survey demonstrates to employees that their views and ideas are considered important. This will help motivate employees and improve productivity. Use the anonymous employee survey process to discover what your employees are thinking.

Click here to view an on-line sample of the Check-Up Survey.

View the Check-Up Survey Product One Sheet (PDF).