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Survey Modules

Innovative HR Solutions clusters the individual survey statements by common themes which allows our firm to evaluate employee satisfaction based upon the functional areas of Human Resources. These modules, unique to our firm, allow for year-over-year analysis along with the normative data from our client base. The table below provides the module name along with the practical application for each module.

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1. Building Teamwork

Are your employees working in a collaborative environment?

This module focuses on data related to building and maintaining effective collaborative relationships within individual departments and across the company. Because of teamwork's significant impact on employee satisfaction and cooperation, strengthening team relations and building a cooperative spirit throughout the organization provides the company with a strong competitive advantage. This module reflects data related to all aspects of Building Teamwork.

2. Career Opportunities

Are employees given the opportunity to reach their full potential and career goals?

This module addresses employees' perceptions about the career paths offered by the company. It reflects their satisfaction with the opportunities they see available that provide them with growth, training, development, and potential advancement. Employees who envision a rewarding future within the company tend to commit to that company. This module includes all aspects of how the company is viewed in terms of its ability and intention to provide Career Opportunities for all employees.

3. Competitive Benefits

Do the benefits offered meet your employee's needs?

The benefit programs that support, protect and offer security for the employees and their eligible dependents are critical to retaining employees.  This module evaluates the merits, satisfaction and understanding of the benefits offered.  This module also affords employers the ability to gauge employee perceptions about the programs and provides information that will enable the company to develop ways to enhance the existing programs, when necessary, to ensure that the Competitive Benefits offered provide value to both the company and its employees.

4. Core Values

Are your employees aligned with your mission and vision?

When an organization's mission, vision and values are clearly communicated and aligned, they become the compass or reference point for the company and its employees. When they are well ingrained in the organization, they are reflected in the environment and in the employees' professional behavior and they guide work efforts. This module enables a company to assess how well its stated mission, vision, and core values are understood and how strongly staff members at all levels of the organization incorporate them into their behavior and jobs. Overall, this module provides valuable information related to the engagement of the employees with the established Core Values.

5. Effective Communication

Is the input of employees solicited?

The free flow of information in a timely manner is critical when responding to the demands of the business. Employees who communicate well within their departments and across departmental lines are more effective and satisfied; leaders who can clearly communicate the organization's mission and plans can motivate their teams and provide them with the comprehensive information they need to successfully achieve the company's goals. This module focuses on all areas of communication, providing data and information to support the company's efforts to build strong and Effective Communication.

6. Employee Management Relations

Do employees and management respect each other?

The relationship between employees and their immediate manager has a lasting effect with respect to overall satisfaction and employee retention. This module focuses on staff management, including coaching techniques, listening and mentoring skills, effective performance management, and the managers' successful application of policy in a consistent manner. This module provides information needed to assess and enhance all areas of Employee Management Relations.

7. Executive Leadership

Is a clear strategic direction offered by executives?

A strong relationship between the leaders of the organization and the general employee population is critical for maintaining high morale. This module focuses on the leaders' skills, alignment with the mission of the organization, and their ability to guide the organization based upon the strategic mission. This module offers data and information to support and enhance Executive Leadership's partnership with its employees.

8. Fair Compensation

Is there internal and external pay equity?

Employee satisfaction with the compensation they are receiving is strongly influenced by their perceptions about the company and impacts retention, morale, and job satisfaction. Their desire for equitable and progressive compensation practices that include base pay, bonuses, and the fair administration of salary increases are all issues highlighted in this module. The information provided in this module is invaluable to evaluating pay practices and identifying alternatives with respect to maintaining a Fair Compensation program.

9. Health and Safety

Do you offer a safe work environment for your employees?

Effective and easy to understand safety, health and environmental programs are key to providing a work environment that is safe for all employees. This module helps identify how well the company's health and safety programs are understood, and also can be a source for determining where any issues of concern in these areas may lie. Overall, this module focuses on the effectiveness of the establish programs and helps identify ways to improve Health and Safety.

10. Job Satisfaction

Are your employees satisfied with their co-workers, job and working conditions?

This module focuses on employees' positions, duties and general satisfaction with their roles in the organization. It addresses how challenged and motivated they feel within the work environment. It also addresses and evaluates how well their job duties and the resources available to them are geared toward making them as efficient and effective as possible. The module assesses all aspects of Job Satisfaction.

11. Performance Standards

Are the standards fair, challenging and consistent?

Many organizations have an established performance review cycle that is designed to provide feedback with respect to evaluating performance, establishing goals and objectives and motivating employees to demonstrated excellence. This module provides the information needed to assess how well current performance management practices are meeting the company's and the employees' needs. This module also helps companies define where improvements may be made toward establishing progressive Performance Standards.

12. Staff Development

Are your employees in need of additional training?

Continuing education and opportunities for professional development motivate employees and demonstrate their employer's commitment to their success on the job and in their careers.  Progressive organizations consider this module in order to determine the effectiveness of their formal training programs as well as the mentoring, coaching, on-the-job training, and other development opportunities they offer. The information provided in this module also provides information valuable to companies involved in succession planning or those wishing to establish more formal Staff Development plans.


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