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New Hire Survey

The New Hire Survey is an employee survey for those new employees who have been with the organization between 30 and 90 days. This survey provides a process to help leaders in the organization better understand the new employees' attitudes towards the hiring process, job goals and expectations, supervision, training and career opportunities. The New Hire Survey will help employers refine their hiring process in order to get the best talent in the most efficient and effective manner.

The new employees of the organization will evaluate the on-boarding process based on a specific set of standard or custom statements. New employees will be able to share ideas and concerns about important on-boarding topics such as the thoroughness of the interview process and the new hire orientation.

Typical reasons a company might conduct a New Hire Survey include:

  • To determine if the recruitment and sourcing process was effective
  • To verify if the new hire's tools and equipment were set up properly and on time
  • To highlight areas for improvement in the orientation process
  • To evaluate the new hire's satisfaction with their manager
  • To better align employee engagement with the employer's needs

The key features of the New Hire Survey are:

  • Quick set-up and easy administration
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Demographics that are unique to the organization
  • Up to 12 statements that focus on the new hire process
  • Normative data for standardized statements
  • Up to 4 pre-set and/or open-ended employee comments
  • Quarterly reporting of results based upon demographic selections
  • An annual summary consolidating the results
  • On-line access for the survey coordinators to view the progress of the responses
  • A wide variety of languages to choose from to accommodate your diverse work-force
  • The availability of paper surveys to encourage participation from employees without internet access

The New Hire Survey monitors new employee satisfaction at an early stage to better align employee engagement with the employer's needs.

Click here to view an on-line sample of the New Hire Survey

View the New Hire Survey Product One Sheet (PDF).